Big sine waves

I sold my DH bike before the babies came, and I’ve regretted that decision since before I dropped the box at FedEx. I love riding all bikes, but I miss the absolute impunity that comes with a downhill bike. Not to mention the big sine waves.

Well friends, the game is back on.

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Dialing it down to 8

Fun hike/DH session today at Left Hand Canyon with Young Skywalker.

Featuring: Finding your optimal arousal level.

Plus: Bike vs moto AND first ride on Specialized Butcher tires!

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Hardtail pinned on natural terrain

I’m riding Captain America on technical trail tomorrow. Stoked! Expect a full report.

In the spirit of pinning a hardtail on natural terrain, behold this video of a hardtail being WRUNG OUT in Whistler.

Bonus: Essay writing contest.

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Specialized Enduro for DH!

2011 Nevada State Downhill Championships, Bootleg Canyon, Boulder City, NV:

Riding a Specialized Enduro, Michael Sylvestri takes 2nd in both pro downhill and chainless downhill.

No question Michael is a beast. But he shows what’s possible on the “little” bike. Bootleg has some serious terrain:

Paul Bunyan riding

Last weekend’s Left Hand Canyon OHV downhill training session featured special guest stars, some sturdy hiking and a snowy descent down North Red Trail.

With video!

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7:1 and stoked

Today was an excellent mission at Left Hand Canyon: 175 minutes pushing a bike up hills; 25 minutes riding the bike down hills.

Featuring a first descent of North Red Trail.

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First descent: Red Trail at Left Hand Canyon

Today I enjoyed a real treat: A first run down a new double-red — DOUBLE EXTREME — trail near my house. The trail is designed for trials motorcycles. It’s awesome on an Enduro (if you don’t mind hiking).

I don’t mind hiking.

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The 2011 season starts now

On Saturday I enjoyed a self-propelled DH training session with a young pinner. We’re building the skills, fitness and intelligence he needs to rock next season. What are you doing?

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Ready for tomorrow

Indoor training, power meters, threshold wattage, road climbing and gyroscopic musings are all fine and dandy, but tomorrow I’m coaching a young downhill racer, and it’s time to Ride with a capital R.

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Rocking the DH: Light hands, heavy crotch

Dude. Yesterday I did a little coaching action at Keystone, and it was good. Except for this one moment.

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First time racing DH

Hey, I’m going to Northstar this weekend to race in the beginner’s (junior) class (karpiel, speed control, sticks & stones). This is my first time racing DH and I need some tips. I will be riding my Trek Remedy. I already have a chainguide, 28″ bars, 40mm stem, a RS lyrik, and 2.3 DTC nevegals F&R. Thanks!


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Why Keene rides a Stumpy instead of an Enduro

The web has some sweet videos of pro downhiller Curtis Keene rocking a Stumpjumper in Santa Cruz. Curtis can ride any Specialized he wants; why does he choose a Stumpy instead of an Enduro?

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