Rocking Keystone, Texas XC style

Jordan, Jason, Adam and Keenan are all riding buddies from Texas, and last week they road-tripped to Keystone for three days of braaap. We spent the first day together.

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Left Hand training session with TVR

Today was session No. 3 in Terminal Velocity Racing’s pre-season program. We hiked and rode at Left Hand Canyon OHV Area, and it was a great adventure.

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From the archive: Porcupine Rim Trail (DH style)

This story was originally posted April 27, 2004. Snowbound in Boulder, I’m dreaming about Moab!

We were in Moab last weekend to help with the Tour de Canyonlands XC race and get in some riding action. On Saturday, after we wrangled hay bales and parking cones, we gathered a crew and took on the famous Porcupine Rim Trail. Porc’ is one of those must-do Moab rides, and I was stoked to finally add it to my life list.

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How much rear travel do you need for DH?

Hi Lee,
I am interested in purchasing a new DH race steed. I am a competitive expert racer and I was wondering if a 7-inch bike would be a major disadvantage on MSC and G3 racecourses. I am specifically looking at the Commencal Supreme DH, which I understand a few of the WC teams are running. However, I am still skeptical of a 7-inch Down Hill race frame. I am not the gutsiest or smoothest rider, but I very much enjoy going fast down a racecourse.
Thanks For Any Advice,
P.S. I appreciate what you are doing for the mountain biking community!

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Sol Vista Bike Park info

Hi, I was just told about this bike park. Can you tell me how to get there from Golden? Is it the same trek to Winter Park? How much are the lift tix? Thanx.

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2007 MSC#5 – Full Tilt in Telluride

Everyone enjoyed beautiful weather and a fun DH course, but timing problems left a yucky aftertaste.

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What’s up with the Sol Vista G3?

hey lee,

where can i find info on the G3 at sol vista? we rode there yesterday… and all i’ve gotta say is…

it’s the BEST time i’ve ever had on my DH bike.. for real. i don’t remember that many smiles in a while. the trails are super well built with so much flow. and the jumps are incredible… high speed, no buck action…. i’m still glowing.


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34+ minutes of love: G3 #1 at Keystone CO

It was the first weekend in July, and Rocky Mountain gravity racers got their first taste of a new format: two days, three runs, fastest combined time wins. After a long weekend and a whole lot of downhill, everyone agreed: G3 is sweet indeed.

Press release written by me, Lee

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Sol Vista / Crankworx A Rama

What a great weekend: Three days of riding Sol Vista’s new DH trails, plus a little trip to watch Big Air at Crankworx.

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Great progress at Sol Vista

Steve Wentz, Mike Moga and TJ Sharp have been working hard at this small resort near Winter Park, CO. Last Saturday, 81 downhillers tried the new trails — and they were stoked! The lift will be running for free this weekend. If you’re up for Crankworx, come on by.

We’re in the process of finalizing, naming and signing the trails. Here are trail descriptions from Steve:
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Rocky Mountain G3 Gravity Series opens at Keystone June 30

Press release written by me, Lee

Keystone Mountain Resort, Colo. (June 30 – July 1) – Two days. Three courses. $10,000 in cash. $20,000 in merchandise. Ride by yourself or with your buddies. The Rocky Mountain G3 Gravity Series marks the return of down-home bro’-style gravity racing — but with timing chips, World Cup-level courses and big cash prizes.
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Sol Vista Bike Park: It’s on!

We’ve been talking and meeting and talking and meeting for about eight months, and now we’re finally building trails. Sol Vista Ski Area is about 20 minutes north of Winter Park, CO. The lift is free on weekends this summer, and the trails are going to be sweet!

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