Great progress at Sol Vista

Steve Wentz, Mike Moga and TJ Sharp have been working hard at this small resort near Winter Park, CO. Last Saturday, 81 downhillers tried the new trails — and they were stoked! The lift will be running for free this weekend. If you’re up for Crankworx, come on by.

We’re in the process of finalizing, naming and signing the trails. Here are trail descriptions from Steve:

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Trail 1
Now named “T1” for nostalgic purposes because it was the first trail we completed and a modification of the old DH.

– A fast, rocky pro level downhill trail with jumps, corners and wooded sections. There are both small and large obstacles. Look before you leap, there are go-arounds and alternate lines if you choose not to jump or drop. Have fun, look ahead and hang on tight.

Trail 2
Now named “Drifter” because of the ski run it parallels for a while and the sandy trail conditions on the top.

– A fun but technical expert level downhill trail with sandy rocky sections on top with berms and jumps in the middle and a fast lower section. There are different options on this trail as well, some are geared for higher speed and some are for those just learning the downhill trade.

Trail 3
Now named “Cheese It” because with all the bench cutting we did on slopes, the famed orange cracker was all that kept us alive.

– A fun, twisty single track that advanced through intermediate riders will love. There are some rocks up top, but the majority of the time on this trail you will be turning and setting up for the next corner. Hone your trail skills here, avoid the aspens and pedal just enough to get your heart pumping. If the corners are not enough, we have a couple rock options that are a foot or two tall where riders can practice their drop off skills.

Trail 4
Now named “M & M’s” not for the delicious candy, but because Mike Moga did a ton of work early on with this trail when TJ and I were at the Deer Valley National race.

– A fun traversing single track that will introduce off road riders to trails and turns. More technical than “No Pedal, No Brake,” this trail will show riders of all abilities from the top of the mountain to the bottom, with three cross-over areas onto “No Pedal, No Brake” where riders can choose to rest or go to the bottom without being in over their heads. Any bike will do, suspension or not.

Oh yes, this is so cool. Tomorrow I’m going up for a sign meeting, then I finally get to ride these sweet trails.

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