Big sine waves

I sold my DH bike before the babies came, and I’ve regretted that decision since before I dropped the box at FedEx. I love riding all bikes, but I miss the absolute impunity that comes with a downhill bike. Not to mention the big sine waves.

Well friends, the game is back on.

Behold the beast! 2012 Specialized Demo 8 II. Pretty much the most proven and dialed production downhill bike ever. I’m going to start right out of the box, but I will likely shift to Shimano and Fox.

My 2012 Demo 8 II was built by The Fix Bike Shop in Boulder, CO. Thanks to Steve Schelp. Super pro.

When I imagine myself riding my new Demo 8, it looks like this (except the music is Neil Diamond):

Curtis Keene Riding the 2011 Demo 8 on

Big sine waves!

Stay tuned as I learn how to ride this beast.


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