Constantly crashing on the BMX bike

Hi Lee, I’ve got a question for you that your blog readers might find entertaining, if not useful. I’m a lifelong cyclist and have been riding (small “r”) for over 30 years. Road, track, cyclocross, triathlon, touring, commuting, mtb, and have just recently started to dabble in BMX. For some inexplicable reason I crash nearly ever session. Sometimes it’s the front tyre that washes out. Other times it’s the rear. Sometimes I have no idea what happened – I just find myself rolling in the dirt trying not to get run over. Sure I crash from time to time on the mtb and during cyclocross, and have gone down on the road a few times as well – but I generally know why and have *never* crashed as much as I seem to on the BMX. Any idea as to what’s up?


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Race vs DJ BMX bike?

Hey Lee,

I have your mountain biking book and it’s been really helpful. I plan on picking up a copy of the BMX skills book too.

I’d like to start incorporating some BMX pump track riding and BMX jumping to gain some skills as you recommend. There are also some skate parks around where I live and I thought that might be fun to try too for the hell of it. Right now I have no experience in BMX, but thought that getting a bike that is capable of BMX racing and dirt jumping would be good. From what i understand, BMX race frames and components aren’t designd to be jumped and take hits like the freestyle BMX bikes are designed to take. So I guess my question is do you think it’s better to start out with a BMX race bike and then pick up a separate dirt/freestyle BMX bike if I want to get into dirt jumping? Alternatively, would it be better to just get a chromoly dirt/freestyle BMX bike and use it for both dirtjumping and pump track riding?



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Pedaling while pump-manualing?

This question is spurred by Pedaling in attack position?


Do you have any pro tips how to pump-manual while still pedalling? It’s OK to me if I want to do it on a table-top or with a small speed, but when the speed goes up and bumps get bigger I can’t keep up with the terrain…



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Intro BMX class for kids?

Hi Lee,

I live in Santa Fe and we are thinking about having a clinic/intro for kids to BMX and pump track riding. What suggestions do you have for that we should cover?


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BMX bike for MTB training (again)?

Hey there Lee
I am a mediumly ordinary MTb rider, who does not get out often enough. I have bought Mastering Mountain Bike Skills edition2, and it is a great book, however I really do not to get to session stuff much which would imprint skills into my old brain. And so often ” just riding” gets in the way of actual learning.

Recently a couple of pump tracks have been built where I live ( In Wellington, NZ ) and they are of course just ideal for sessioning and skills. I am just starting to ride awkwardly on them.

My question is this: might is be worthwhile getting a BMX bike for the purpose of fun and skill acquisition?

I have a peferectly excellent MTB (an Ibis Mojo) however in a way having a completely different bike would make riding a pump track an event, and I would be more likely to session it and not be tempted by the nearby MTB trails?

I do not want to build a hard tail MTB as the Mojo is just fine for all the trails, and in some ways a HT is an unbalanced beast compared with a fully rigid BMX or a fully sprung MTB ?

Your BMX book does look enticing!

Wellington, NZ

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Public skills clinics at Valmont Bike park in August

I’m offering six public clinics at Valmont Bike Park in August. This is an awesome, cost effective way to dial in your skills.

Classes are limited to six riders each. Cost is $90 and includes the opportunity to purchase the book Mastering Mountain Bike Skills or Pro BMX Skills for a discounted $20.

We will cover the core skills, then we’ll focus on whatever the group wants (and is ready for). Expect to dial in position, braking, cornering and pumping. If all goes well, we’ll do some dropping and jumping too.

Valmont is an amazing place to ride and learn. Come on out. Let’s rip it!


I’ll post when September dates are set. Email me to get on the mailing list.

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Rocking some indoor BMX

In a miraculous turn of events, I got a babysitter and went to spend Saturday at the Colorado Indoor BMX in Greeley, CO.

Plus: How does Captain America work for BMX?

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Colorado Indoor BMX this weekend!

We frozen Coloradans get to rock some indoor BMX this weekend in Greeley.

Yes, there’s a mountain bike class.

– Saturday, Jan. 1 | Registration: 11am-1pm / Racing ASAP | Single Point BMX, MTB, Open racing

– Sunday, Jan. 2 | Registration: 9am-11am / Racing ASAP | Double Point ABA BMX Scholarship Race, MTB, Open racing

I plan to ride Captain America.

Dang, I’ve only raced BMX once since starting the Pro BMX Skills project. I used to have the worst gate in CO; let’s hope knowledge is power.

See y’all out there! interview about Pro BMX Skills

Hi all,

I did an interview with Mike Carruth at about the creation of the Pro BMX Skills book. Mike’s a nice guy, and he contributed great race photos to the book.

Check out the interview >>

Right BMX bike for skilled old guy

Hi Lee,

I’m curious to what BMX bike would you recommend for me. I’m 43 and been out of the sport since 1985. I was an local semi pro (17+ expert/a-pro open) until I broke my knee and moved on to MX and three/four wheelers and then eventually national level Jetski racing. I see bikes have changed. My son is now 5 and riding and I’m going to get him a Micro, he has few normal BMX bikes now, but I don’t know what adults are riding? I’m not really interested in a 20” right now, I remember cruisers being cool back in ’85. I’m 5’ 10” and going to weigh 170 in a month or two! I do have a couple of MTB’s I race now and then. Giant Anthem full suspension and a GT Zaskar race hard tail.

Also, I raced MX for many many years and the front brake was the most important brake and when I raced BMX (at least 4 times a week) we used the front brake, tracks look faster than the old days. What gives the new bikes don’t come with front brakes?


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If you pre-ordered the book Pro BMX Skills …

… your copy is finally on its way!

YES! This has been a long process, but all you patient souls are finally getting your books.

While I’m waiting for a batch of traditionally printed books to come in, I pulled the trigger with CreateSpace, an Amazon affiliate. CreateSpace prints and ships the books on demand; my profit margin is way lower, but it gets the books out there right now.

Order your Pro BMX Skills print book, ebook or both here:

Book: Pro BMX Skills

OK riders, random start …

Pro BMX Skills ebook is ready to go!

Yes, Yes, YES!!!

You can now get an ebook version of Pro BMX Skills. You can view it in a Flash-enabled web browser, and it is SWEET!

To learn more and order, go here:

Book: Pro BMX Skills

I’m sending an ebook to everyone who pre-ordered the print version.