How BMX bikes should fit

Here’s a draft page from my book-in-progress, Pro BMX Skills.

It’s amazing how similarly various BMX pros fit their bikes.

The book won’t be done so soon, so we might as well spread the love:

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BMX book status

People have been asking about Pro BMX Skills, the BMX how-to book that was supposed to be finished by now. This pains me to say, but Life (capital L) has gotten very hectic, and I’ve had to put the book on the back burner.
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BMX shifter bike!

Our man Chris Powell is too smart for his own good, and here is his latest creation.

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New world record: 100 laps of pump – 20″ style

This weekend I rocked the Intense Factory Alloy 20 on The Fix pump track, and the results were surprising.

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New bike: Intense Factory Alloy 20

I am riding a 20, and it is good. Impressions from the first ride:

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Check out “Pro BMX Skills”

The new BMX technique book has a name, and it’s going to be ultra sweet. I just put up a quick page:

Pro BMX Skills covers equipment, technique, tactics and training with a depth and clarity never before seen in BMX (or most other sports). I’ve partnered with some of the best riders in the sport, and their knowledge and talent come through in a big way.

If you want to ride safer and faster, you need this book.

Pre-order special: Order now and save $10 off the list price.

Super cool!

Hey, where did that jump go?

BMX racers are the kings of jump manipulation. One of today’s top pros shows us how to “pick up” for a big face.

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Pumping rhythm

Mike Kreger is one of the smoothest dirt jumpers (and racers) you’ll ever see. Yesterday we shot some sequences for the BMX book. Here’s Mike pumping a set of double jumps.

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How to case a jump

Here’s another gem from the BMX book. I’m pinned but getting ‘er done.

Chris Powell was gracious enough to intentionally case this high-speed double on the Chula Vista Olympic track. He made even this bad landing look good.

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BMX skill: Hook to jet hop

I’m busy working on the BMX book, and I have to share this. It’s RAD!!!

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Photos and more: Olympic BMX track

I recently spent a couple days at the Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista, CA, interviewing, shooting and — yes — riding the Bejing replica track. It was like BMX, only way bigger.

Lots of fun stuff:

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Going big at the Olympic Training Center

Our man Chris Powell got a chance to ride the new BMX SX track at the Olympic training center in Chula Vista, CA. The track is a close copy of the Bejing track, and it’s HUGE!!! Chris sent a couple photos:

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