Hey, where did that jump go?

BMX racers are the kings of jump manipulation. One of today’s top pros shows us how to “pick up” for a big face.

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Who: David Herman, Intense BMX factory racer, currently #3 in the ABA points standings

Where: Dacono BMX track here in Colorado. This is David’s local track.

What: He’s “picking up” for the second jump on the second straight.

Why: This gets him onto the roller-table without losing speed or control. From here he would probably manual across the table then dive into the backside. Braaap.

How: This is essentially a big bunny hop. He is hauling butt. Way before the jump, he started rocking back into a manual. When he reaches the bottom of the lip, he’s fully extended and powering off the rear wheel. He hops about three vertical feet over the lip and smashes his rear wheel into the little backside. Yes, braaap!

Lessons: The higher you can bunny hop, the better. Practice hopping as high as you can, and practice your timing at speed. Bunny hops aren’t just for loading docks anymore!

The forthcoming BMX book will have tons of detail.

OK riders, let’s set ’em up …

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