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Why did I ride my Stumpy 29 for Sea Otter dual slalom?

Hi Lee,

The Sea Otter Classic dual slalom is coming up. 2012 was my first year and it was a blast–I am looking forward to 2013. Sea Otter, when you take into account travel, entry, and the practice-qualies-main spread across days scheduling, is the most expensive race in my amateur season.

So I am trying to choose the right bike and I thought you would have serious insight. This is because you own a Specialized SX and a sweet Specialized P3 pump-track hardtail yet chose to race a Stumpy FSR 29 in 2012.

I own a Specialized SX and yet keep being drawn toward the absolutely ripping Nukeproof Snap hardtail I race USA BMX on. Incidentally, I started racing BMX because of Mastering Mountain Bike Skills and a dumb crash in last year’s Sea Otter dual slalom! Best cycling advice I ever took.

My question, put simply, is why did the trail/AM bike come out on top for you? And was that decision purely personal, or was it informed by a general principle that will help me choose to bring a 26 lbs hardtail that rules on hardpack or a 33 lbs dual-suspension slalom bike that seems tailor-made, but is a wildcard.

Unsurprisingly, my SX does not shine on the BMX track, and the only local, legal slalom course was shut down shortly after I bought the frame. Or should I just borrow my father’s old Stumpy FSR!

Thank you very much,

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Judy Freeman won a bike race!

Our friend and kung fu student Judy Freeman won a big one: last weekend’s Subaru Cup Pro XCT in Wisconsin.

In this post-race interview she is stoked — and she gave our skills work a nice plug.

Thanks Judy. Keep ripping it up!

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Lopes and the UCI XC Eliminator

Hey Lee,

Have you seen any of the XCE? Brian hasn’t been winning everything, but he has been making people look like fools.

Very cool to see him in action again. Such a racer. I love how calculated everything is, the way he runs people wide, covers lines and how he seems to know exactly how hard to go to secure 2nd place in a heat. I’ve never really liked dropper seat posts, but the way Brian uses his is really clever: down for starts, short straights, corners, stairs, climbs, descents, obstacles and sprint finishes and up for the odd long flat section.

The way they start these races though is a joke.

Hope you guys are all well,

Chris Q in Australia

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Sea Otter Speed and Style 2012

This year we ran the second-ever Sea Otter Classic Speed and Style event. It was speedy and stylish.

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Your first Sea Otter: What to expect?

Hi Lee, my daughter and I are planning a road trip to Monterey for the Sea Otter Classic. She will be racing the cat 3 women downhill. This will be her first downhill race and our first Sea Otter Classic. She has been training with her bigger sister at Valmont and Golden BP. She is very excited but this is a 21 hrs road trip, the vibe, mob and who knows? As a racer / spectator how do you plan and prepare for event like this Lee?
Thank you.

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MMBSii in one run


Not sure if you saw this video, but Danny Hart puts on a clinic at Val di Sole


heavy feet light hands supple on pedals corners like he’s on rails and check out the wild berm smashing madness at 1:38


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Dual slalom is back at National Champs

You can thank Chris Herndon for the switch from 4X to dual slalom. Chris is a great rider, top coach, pro builder and solid dude. He’s at Beech Mountain building the downhill and slalom tracks. Here’s what he has to say about the return of dual slalom.

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2011 Lyons Outdoor Games pump track worlds

Yesterday we rocked the World Pump Track Championships at the Lyons Outdoor Games in Lyons, CO.

The event was smaller than hoped, but we had a gool ol’ grassrootsy time.

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Lyons pump track is ready for action!

This weekend is the Lyons Outdoor Games pump track race. Last weekend we gave the pump track two days of much needed love.

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Dig/ride at Lyons Bike Park this weekend

In preparation for next weekend’s Lyons Outdoor Games dirt jump and pump track comps, we’re going to give Lyons Bike Park some love.

Keep reading for details.

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Pump track world championships at Lyons Outdoor Games

Bring your Striders, 20s, 24s, 26s and 29s. It’s gonna be on like Donkey Kong.

Date: Sunday, June 12

Time: Open practice 10-12, registration closes before 12, start seeding runs as soon as we can.

Format: Everyone gets a seeding run, then we run everyone — fastest last — for the final results. The top two from each class face off in a pursuit; you start at opposite ends of the track and ride until someone gets caught. It should be tons of fun to do (and watch).

Cost: $10 for amateurs, $20 for pros (pros will be racing for money)

Classes: I’ll create the classes based on who shows up, but I want to see a Strider class, classes for boys and girls of all ages, plus a pro open class. Everyone gets to ride!

After: Stick around for the Lyons Outdoor Games dirt jump comp. That’s always a great show. Did I mention the beer tent?

Sponsors: Valley Subaru and leelikesbikes.com

Event info and registration at www.lyonsoutdoorgames.com

Rumor has it another large bike park will be opening nearby that weekend. Don’t get distracted. Stay on target!

Building the 2011 Sea Otter pro pump track

Check out these photos from our man James Hall, jmhalldesign — solid digger, rider and dude.

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