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Video: 2011 Sea Otter Speed and Style finals

Here’s the final event on the pro pump track I built for the 2011 Sea Otter Classic. Video courtesy of Pinkbike.

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Video from 2011 Sea Otter pro pump track

It’s officially called Speed and Style. Head to head racing with a time bonus for best style on the big booters.

I’ve been too pinned to shoot and post, but our friends at PinkBike have it covered.

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Sea Otter pro pump track build update

The all-star crew is killing it. On Thursday we placed dirt. Friday we shaped. Today (Saturday) we shaped and rode. The track could be raced now, but we’ll spend the next few days getting it super dialed.

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Early test lap on the 2011 Sea Otter pro pump track.

2011 Sea Otter Classic pro pump!

I’m still wrangling details, but this much looks certain:

– I’ll be building the track for the 2011 Sea Otter pro pump track comp. Riding legend Jeff Lenosky and I are working on the design.

– The comp will combine elements of speed and style. It will be a head-to-head race with a time bonus for whomever throws the best style off the trick jump.

– I will be teaching clinics on the track! This is extra rad. Refine your pump fu on a world-class track. I’ll post times when I get the schedule.

– As soon as the contract is final, I will assemble the team. If you’re an experienced digger who wants to get paid to build (and ride) a revolutionary track, email me. I’m looking for people who know how to take direction and run with it.

This is going to be sweet.

Lee Likes Cyclocross

When I signed up for yesterday’s Boulder Cup cyclocross in the 35+ Cat 4 class, I had no idea what to expect. As a new CX racer, would I get my ass kicked, or would I kick ass and look like a sandbagger?

I did NOT sandbag, but I did have fun.

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A 4X/DS fool with nowhere to race

I want to get into any racing that includes bikes like 4x and dual slalom however there are absolutely no compettions in Ontario
I live near Toronto
any suggestions…cause it would really help

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Protection for kid racing Super D


My son wants to start racing super d at diablo in there first time beginner class. my question is does he need a collar like i see the downhillers wearing? also what about a chest protector? He is 13 and bullet proof.

I realize that they are expensive but much cheaper than being paralyzed.

What are your thoughts?

thanks Jim

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Helmet cam: Mick Hannah final Sea Otter DS run vs. Aaron Gwin

This is amazing. They wish each other well. They pin it. Aaron pulls ahead. Mick lays the power down and wins by 0.05.

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Video of Sea Otter pro pump race

The editing might be a bit heavy-handed, but this vid shows some great riding on the track I designed/built at Sea Otter.

Via Brandon Turman, VitalMTB and Pinkbike.

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Sea Otter Adventure 2010: Day 11

Pro pump track finals!

It’s late and I have a lot of stuff to do, so I need to make this quick for now.

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Sea Otter Adventure 2010: Day 10

Pump track maintenance, pro pump track qualifying and other radness.

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