2011 Sea Otter Classic pro pump!

I’m still wrangling details, but this much looks certain:

– I’ll be building the track for the 2011 Sea Otter pro pump track comp. Riding legend Jeff Lenosky and I are working on the design.

– The comp will combine elements of speed and style. It will be a head-to-head race with a time bonus for whomever throws the best style off the trick jump.

– I will be teaching clinics on the track! This is extra rad. Refine your pump fu on a world-class track. I’ll post times when I get the schedule.

– As soon as the contract is final, I will assemble the team. If you’re an experienced digger who wants to get paid to build (and ride) a revolutionary track, email me. I’m looking for people who know how to take direction and run with it.

This is going to be sweet.

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  1. jezza says:

    fly me out from oz and i’ll have a crack at building it! and then they can make a folk song out of it similar to john henry!

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    Yeah man, we’re chartering a boat from Australia. On the way over you guys can build the track and get it dialed. When you reach Monterey Bay, we’ll pick up the track with a helicopter and fly it into place at Laguna Seca — with the builders still riding it.

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