Tires for those pointy Brazilian rocks

Hi Lee,

My name is Juscelino, I’m from Brasil, and I’m riding a new specialized stumpjumper FSR carbon. The main soil condition here is gravel, rocky gardens and single tracks. My style of riding is trail, and since I read your book I’m getting better descend skills. Thanks a lot for that!

I and my friends are using Specialized purgatory 2.2 (23 psi – I’m 86kg) in front and specialized the captan control 2.0 (30 psi) in rear, I’ve liked the traction and cornering with these tires, but at my third ride I get a side wall cut in my rear tire, it also happen with my friends. Is this tire inadequate? What tire do you recommend? (weight is not my first concern).


Juscelino Castro Blasczyk

Hey Juscelino,

That’s a popular tire combination all over the world. The Purgatory corners predictably, and the Captain rolls quickly. I’ve had good luck with my Eskar Controls, but maybe Brazilian rocks are pointier than Coloradan rocks.

Your question came at a great time. Today I had a phone call with Chris Wyatt, Specialized’s tire king, to talk about some tire testing, and I asked him your question.

Chris suggested you try either:

– the Armadillo Elite 2Bliss Ready version, which is 15% more durable than the Control, or

– the GRID UST version, which is 25% more durable than the Control.

Both options are a bit heaver than what you’re using, but heavier tires roll better than cut tires!

I’m glad you’re enjoying the book. If you still destroy tires, pay extra attention to pumping those pointy rocks.

Rip it!

— Lee

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