A 4X/DS fool with nowhere to race

I want to get into any racing that includes bikes like 4x and dual slalom however there are absolutely no compettions in Ontario
I live near Toronto
any suggestions…cause it would really help

Hey Jake,

What do you do when you’re a 4X/DS fool with nowhere to race?

That’s a common issue. Here are some ideas:

– Build a pump track. Race on it. Pump track racing is getting big. Sea Otter had it. Crankworx had it. Worlds had it (down the street in a guy’s yard).

– Race XC. That happens everywhere.

– Rip some Super D. That’s like 4X, only it’s more like 30X. Super D might actually be the ultimate test of all-around bike fu.

And best of all:

– Get into BMX. While there are maybe dozens of 4X/DS race venues in North America, there are hundreds of BMX tracks. If you wanna pin it to win it, BMX is the most accessible way to do it.

If none of those ideas work:

– Go grassroots. Find a fun place to ride. Find cool people to ride with. Race each other. We used to hold informal races at our little training spot. We made medals out of old chainrings. It was super fun.

Find a way to race your favorite bike. Give it your all. Have fun!

— Lee

Know more. Have more fun!

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