Video of Sea Otter pro pump race

The editing might be a bit heavy-handed, but this vid shows some great riding on the track I designed/built at Sea Otter.

Via Brandon Turman, VitalMTB and Pinkbike.

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  1. Slyfink says:

    daaamn! that was super sweet. I had to watch Mitch’s run twice. He’s so smooth and fast. That was sweet. Congrats on pulling this off Lee… Looking forward to seeing more and more pump tracks (and being able to convince my friends with yards to build one!)

  2. scott says:

    Awesome, simply awesome. I so wish I had one of these. Well maybe not the pro version. Yet.


  3. Jack Savage says:

    Please tell me the specs on this track will be in a version of Pump Track Nation! I gotta build this track. 2.5 acres of open ground in Clovis, CA. Working on a new track now.

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