Video from 2011 Sea Otter pro pump track

It’s officially called Speed and Style. Head to head racing with a time bonus for best style on the big booters.

I’ve been too pinned to shoot and post, but our friends at PinkBike have it covered.

Tyler McCaul rips it up

Last night he was checking out lines with Eric Carter, and EC was dispensing some incredible pump track wisdom. You know I was listening. “Do you hear that noise? That’s the sound of your knobs breaking loose, the sound of lost speed.” Rad.

Here’s Tyler:

Today’s qualifiers:

Today was all about speed. Riders will be throwing style in tomorrow’s final.

Track stats

Concept: Jeff Lenosky

Design and build: me, Lee McCormack

Equipment operator: Kyle Ebbet

Shaping: me and my crew of AA diggers. Special thanks to Alex Fowler, Jason Carroll, Mike Dolan, Bruce Swam and James Hall.

Cubic yards of dirt: 400 (a typical backyard track is 30)

Days to get it riding well: 3

Days to get it ripping: 5

Kids sessioning it every evening: dozens


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  1. Bill T. says:

    To the whole crew:

    You guys are awesome!!!

    This is going to be an XGames event in the coming years for sure. After that, who knows, the Olympics?

  2. Feldy says:

    Okay. That. Was. Awesome. Watching the 2 riders at once sorta hurt my brain, but less so than the meeting I currently in. Lee, dunno if you didn’t get my last email or found it so offensive that you didn’t want to reply.

    How much dirt in a typical* dump truck?

    *whatever that means

  3. leelikesbikes says:

    Thanks Feldy. A small dump truck holds about 5 yards. A big dump truck holds closer to 10. So, yeah man, that was a lot of dump trucks.

    I forget what you wrote and am not finding your note in my email. What did you say that was so offensive? ..

  4. Feldy says:

    That’s a lot of dirt.

    Oh, I made a funny (or maybe not so funny) comment about plagiarism since you were ranting (justifiably) a bit in that post and later quoted me (though I guess that was on the journalistic up and up ;-D )

    BTW, if I can figure out how to get some video off my phone, I’ll email you an awesome pump track vid.

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