Sea Otter pro pump track build update

The all-star crew is killing it. On Thursday we placed dirt. Friday we shaped. Today (Saturday) we shaped and rode. The track could be raced now, but we’ll spend the next few days getting it super dialed.

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Early test lap on the 2011 Sea Otter pro pump track.

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  1. WAKi says:

    You should just admit it Lee… Spec is sponsoring this and you will be using their 29″Epic to fuel the big wheels hype 😀

    Niners suck on regular pump tracks, so you needed to make it big enough and this BMX is just a pure disinformation ;D

  2. Lee says:

    Me too, but I am busy with good stuff. Took 2nd in cat 1 slalom … And we just did pump track qualifiers. People seem stoked with the track.

  3. Carson says:

    Did your “crushing” lawyer approve the pump track? I hope so.
    Looks great hope to see more pics soon.

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