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Calculate gear inches like you give a f#$%

Traditional gear-inch calculations divide chainring by cog, then multiply by wheel diameter. The resulting number lets you compare gearing combinations, but it has no bearing on real life.

If you’re gonna be a nerd, be an informed nerd.

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Shock upgrade for 2011 Specialized Enduro?

Hi Lee

I’m the happy owner of a 2011 Specialized Enduro Expert (and of her sister Big Hit 2008) and i love her. i wanted to ask you a suggestion, since i would like to upgrade my FOX RP23 shock to something more beefy. I’m a heavy rider and sometimes i feel the rear end not tracking perfectly the ground. This happens only on long rocky and messy descents (i ride in the Dolomites).

Now i know that specialized uses a proprietary shock size and pivot to attach the shock to the frame, and i wondered if you came with a solution for this.

Thank you for your time, i loved your Mastering MTB skills 😉


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The ZipGuide: not fancy, but it does the trick

I’ve never had an issue with the clutch on my XTR rear derailleur, but I appreciate a little extra confidence when I’m DHing on my S-Works Enduro 29.

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Bracketing a 2015 FOX 36 RC2

I am loving the new 36 from FOX. After just a few rides, I’m riding faster and more confidently, and my shoulders are holding up better than normal.

With a wide range of both low speed and high speed compression adjustment, the 36 RC2 is highly tunable. And it deserves to be tuned properly.

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Bike setup madness

Most bike fitters are doing great work, but some of the fits I see in my clinics are insane!

This is why I’m now offering “cockpit optimization” services in my clinics.

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Flat pedals for my wife?

Hi Lee,

My wife, who is a great athlete, is wanting to pick up mountain biking and I’m very excited as it’s been my “thing” for years. I ride SPDs but she’s nervous about not being able to click out and crashing. I know a lot of people are riding flat pedals now but what would you recommend a new rider start on?


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Shorter stem with wider bars?

I just bought a set of new, wider handlebars for my old (2002) Stumpjumper hard tail. My old set-up were 580mm bars (ugh, righ?) with a 90mm stem.

With the new bars I have to buy a new stem, because my old stem doesn’t fit the 31mm-diameter handlebars. Would you recommend I go with another 90mm stem with the wider bars, or drop it down to 70mm? I see the new Stumpys all have 100mm stems, but they’re also 29ers. I’m just not sure about this bike as it has pretty aggressive geometry. I don’t want to make the bike too twitchy.


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Tuning a Specialized Brain for braaap


How will i find the sweet spot for an Epic EVO Brain for pump or trail?


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Bike for Megavalanche?

Hi Lee,

A mate and I are looking at training up for the Mega Avalanche 2014.

We were wondering what bike you would recommend?

We have watched lots of videos and noted that it is really a mix of DH rigs and AM bikes.

Would the Specialized Enduro be an option or should we step it up to the Enduro Evo?



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Bike setup: “My lower back hurts when I ride”

A whole lot of us have said that, haven’t we?

Lower-back pain has many causes including serious injury, poor technique, limited mobility, inadequate strength and — of course — bike setup.

Check this out:

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Race vs DJ BMX bike?

Hey Lee,

I have your mountain biking book and it’s been really helpful. I plan on picking up a copy of the BMX skills book too.

I’d like to start incorporating some BMX pump track riding and BMX jumping to gain some skills as you recommend. There are also some skate parks around where I live and I thought that might be fun to try too for the hell of it. Right now I have no experience in BMX, but thought that getting a bike that is capable of BMX racing and dirt jumping would be good. From what i understand, BMX race frames and components aren’t designd to be jumped and take hits like the freestyle BMX bikes are designed to take. So I guess my question is do you think it’s better to start out with a BMX race bike and then pick up a separate dirt/freestyle BMX bike if I want to get into dirt jumping? Alternatively, would it be better to just get a chromoly dirt/freestyle BMX bike and use it for both dirtjumping and pump track riding?



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Epic + Stumpjumper = Camber?

Hey Lee,

I am going to be getting a new mountain bike in the next month or so and I am in need of some sage advice before pulling the trigger. I can only afford one bike. I compete in a few xc races each yr, but want to race a few super Ds. I am looking for a bike that I can race xc, super D, and trail ride on. Since I can’t have an epic for xc racing and a stumpjumper for super Ds and trail riding, I figured a camber 29 carbon would do decent job at these varying styles of riding. I was thinking of purchasing the carbon pro 29 frame with the command post and putting a 120mm (110mm stock) 15qr fox up front with a 1×10 drivetrain. Will I be reaching too far with this bike?

Thanks Lee!

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