Flat pedals for my wife?

Hi Lee,

My wife, who is a great athlete, is wanting to pick up mountain biking and I’m very excited as it’s been my “thing” for years. I ride SPDs but she’s nervous about not being able to click out and crashing. I know a lot of people are riding flat pedals now but what would you recommend a new rider start on?


Hey Chuck,

Flat pedals all the way! There are lots of things to worry about in mountain biking, and getting stuck to your bike should not be one of them. Plus: Flat pedals encourage cleaner technique.

Get your wife a decent pair with metal pins. This page at www.thefixbikes.com (my sponsor) has options from $48 to $120. They all work great. I am currently riding the Shimano Saint pedal. It’s super smooth, and it will last forever.

Don’t forget the shoes! In my experience, wives tend to enjoy new shoes. Skate shoes work fine. The best shoes on Earth are made by FiveTen. The Fix stocks a bunch of shoes. Here’s the FiveTen Chase Women’s on their site, but they have more in the shop.

Good pedals and shoes will give your wife lots of control plus extra confidence while she learns. If she wants to “upgrade” to SPDs later, she can do that, but you should not push that switch.

Great technique is the key to safe, confident, fun riding. Skills books. Skills clinics.

Rip it!


Know more. Have more fun!

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