Shock upgrade for 2011 Specialized Enduro?

Hi Lee

I’m the happy owner of a 2011 Specialized Enduro Expert (and of her sister Big Hit 2008) and i love her. i wanted to ask you a suggestion, since i would like to upgrade my FOX RP23 shock to something more beefy. I’m a heavy rider and sometimes i feel the rear end not tracking perfectly the ground. This happens only on long rocky and messy descents (i ride in the Dolomites).

Now i know that specialized uses a proprietary shock size and pivot to attach the shock to the frame, and i wondered if you came with a solution for this.

Thank you for your time, i loved your Mastering MTB skills 😉


Hi Francesco,

Thanks for writing.

I have four years on that frame and shock. It is a very capable setup.

Not double black. Double red.


Lining it up …

… and railing it.

My thoughts:

Take care of your suspension. Seals and bushings wear out. Oil gets tired. If you’re riding a lot, get your fork and shock serviced at least once a year. I get the suspension on my main bikes (2014 Specialized Camber and Enduro) overhauled twice a year. How do you know it’s time to get your suspension worked on? It’s less plush, yet more bouncy and less controlled. I’ll bet a normal overhaul will make your shock feel way better.

I doubt you need a different shock. The FOX RP23 is very tunable in the hands of an expert. Air volume and valving can be customized. If you convey your size, strength, terrain and riding style to the suspension tuner, he can dial in your shock for you. Get your fork tuned as well. They should be balanced.

Send your fork and shock in. I use DirtLabs here in Boulder, CO, but the shipping will be expensive. Try TFTuned in the UK.

Have fun out there!


LLB Coach Kevin Stiffler is riding my 2010 Enduro now. DirtLabs freshened the shock, and he’s loving the 36 VAN coil fork.

Know more. Have more fun!

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