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Benefits of flat pedals

Question: Should I practice with flat pedals? Answer: Yes.
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Review: Funn Soljam Viper Pedal

This monstrous pedal has a nifty “friction grip” area in the middle of its platform. Cool, but how does it work?
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Getting into dirt jumping

A young reader needs advice on picking a dirt jump bike and becoming confident enough to enjoy it.
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Mail: Santa Cruz Jackal sizing

Hey man, really enjoyed the pump track article and video clip! Thanks for doin what you do!

I got a quick question you may or may not have a answer too, Do you know what size Jackal Jon “The Doctor” Watt is riding and approx how tall he is? Read more

Mail: Choosing knee guards

Hey Lee

A quick question. I noticed that you just wear knee pads and not full knee shin armor. Is there a reason why you just use knee pads? I’m trying to decide what to get after a fall involving some leaves last weekend. I’m only doing small drops 3-4 feet and I don’t want to use too much body armor nor leave myself not well enough protected. Any recommendations between the two types. I like the new website.
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How to build a pump track

Here’s a story I did for Decline magazine back in June. It includes detailed plans for the pump track at The Fix in Boulder, CO.
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Maverick ML 7.5 sizing

I hope you can give me an answer to the question what size I should have for a Maverick ml 7.5. I am a man 180 centimeters (5′ 11″) tall 48 years and a inside leg height of 85 centimeters (33″). What will be the best ride, a size medium or large?
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Get nerdy with these calculators

As a full on nerd, I enjoy playing with numbers. How much faster is a bike with lighter wheels? How much do heavy tires slow you down? If I’m leaning this far in a turn, how fast am I going? That kind of stuff. If you’re into this sort of thing, you’ll dig these calculators.
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How’s the new Specialized Enduro?

Hi Lee. I was riding on the weekend and crossed paths with another rider, he was riding the latest Spesh Enduro Pro and I fell in love. Its smooth lines, choice parts to me it was my dream bike in spec anyway.

After doing the lift test and being suprised at its seamingly light weight I asked him how it handled and he was well impresed but was on its maiden voyage so hadn’t lived with it for anytime at all. As I know you ride an Enduro though an older one I was wondering if you had had a chance to sample a new one yet.

I value your opinion as you don’t sound full of crap or owned by a company.
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Maverick ML-8

Maverick American’s ML-7 is one of the most efficient — if not the most affordable — four-inch trail bikes on the market. Maverick’s new ML-8 uses the same suspension design and boosts the rear travel to 6.5 inches. The goal: an aggressive trail bike that climbs and descends with the best of them.
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Maverick SC32 fork

Maverick’s six-inch, dual crown DUC32 upped the ante for travel, stiffness and lightness. The new single-crown SC32 steps down the travel but keeps the rest.
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Run timer: DMC Moto-Trainer II

If you’re trying to go fast, the only true measure is time. What feels fast is frequently slow, and vice versa. For example, riding sketchily feels fast, but riding smoothly is fast. You cannot trust feel. If you want to know whether one run is faster than the last, you must use a timer.
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