Mail: Santa Cruz Jackal sizing

Hey man, really enjoyed the pump track article and video clip! Thanks for doin what you do!

I got a quick question you may or may not have a answer too, Do you know what size Jackal Jon “The Doctor” Watt is riding and approx how tall he is? I’m 5’10” and having a hard time deciding on frame size, leaning towards the smaller of the two but scared that I’ll have toe overlap on x-ups and that it will be just too small in general.

thanks for any help/info

Sean Castle

Dr. Jon says:

I’m 6’2″ – definitely the large size. They only come in medium and
large. Main difference is the top tube and wheel base is longer on the
large. I would guess that anyone over 6’0″ would like a large…

So, Sean, it looks like you’re a medium.