Get nerdy with these calculators

As a full on nerd, I enjoy playing with numbers. How much faster is a bike with lighter wheels? How much do heavy tires slow you down? If I’m leaning this far in a turn, how fast am I going? That kind of stuff. If you’re into this sort of thing, you’ll dig these calculators.

Bike cornering
This spreadsheet shows the relationship between speed, radius and Gs, as well as tire weighting and center of gravity. A classic.

Bike forces and power
Describe the bike, rider and conditions, and this spreadsheet tells you how many watts of power are required. Too fun.

Lots of good stuff
Clever German Walter Zorn gets into it bigtime. He has calculators for speed & power, steering geometry, pedal cadence, spoke length, pedal kick-back and suspension travel. Bonus: No downloads!

Ride profile
Input details about the rider, bike and nine sections of a trail, and this clever guy tells you how long the ride will take. Perfect for cheating in your training log.

Compare bikes
Set up two different bikes of scenarios, then watch the magical “computer” calculate speed and time. Will wonders never cease?

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