Build portable and temporary riding terrain!

The best track in the world is the one you get to ride.

We’re stoked to offer LandWave ramps and decks: a portable, modular, scalable way to build fun terrain pretty much wherever.

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Pump, jump, hop … what can you think of?

Portable ramps and decks >>>

Pump tracks in EagleVail, CO

Check out these LLB-designed pump tracks — one advanced and one beginner — in the town of EagleVail, CO.

My wife, girls and I will be riding there this weekend!

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Sweet new pump tracks at Martinhal Sagres Beach Family Resort Hotel in Sagres, Portugal

Check out this pair of pump tracks I designed for a 5-star resort on the coast of Portugal.

These tracks were built by the resort’s construction crew — and they look fun!

The beach view isn’t bad either.

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Sweet Little Track : ready-to-build pump track plan

Hi all, we just added another track to our ready-to-build pump track plans.

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Pump Track Nation goes to South Africa

I know I’m preaching to the choir, but pump tracks are so great. They build fitness and skill. They serve as community hubs. And they can be built just about anywhere at low cost. Check out these new Pumptopia tracks:

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Keeping weeds off a pump track

Hi Lee,

Jerome from Bozeman, MT here. Hey, I’ve purchased your Welcome to Pump Track Nation book and some plans and also your skills book. Great stuff, man. Thanks. I’ve a lingering question. How do I keep the weeds from growing in my pump track? Thanks!


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Riding my backyard pump track!

This track is as old as The Bugs, which makes it almost five years young. Finally, here are some riding videos: one of the kids, one of the dads.

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Pump track at Denver Green School!

Does your school have a pump track?

This one does, and it is sweet.

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Ready to build pump track plans!

Hey all,

I’m stoked to announce low cost, ready to build pump track plans for our friends in Pump Track Nation.

No. 1 is Pumptopia: Our most popular all-around track layout.

• Get easy approval for your pump track project.

• Save money and time. Do it right the first time.

• Enjoy guaranteed flow!

For just $20!

Order your plans today:

Ready to build pump track plan: Pumptopia >>>

The next track: 2010 Sea Otter! That’s still one of my faves.

Trouble with a 180 berm

Hey Lee,

I have been building a pump track today from your Welcome to Pump Track Nation instructions and it is going great except for this one corner. It is a 180 turn and I enter the turn at about 10 to 15 mph but I exit the turn going 1 mph and I can almost not make it up the roller. The turn is about 6 feet from the enter to exit, it isn’t very tall and when I am in the turn my bars are close to the ground. Can I gain more speed out of the turn if I build it taller. I have little trouble making the turn but it slows me down and all the other berms I gain speed and they are taller. Or would I just have to change the berm?


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Galileo would have built sick rhythm sections

Check out this experimental device from Istituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza, in Florence, Italy.

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