Integrating bike and strength fitness?

Our friend Lars has an interesting question about timing his Pump Up the Base and Prepare to Pin It training programs, plus integrating strength work.

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Power meter for Prepare to Pin It?

Hi Lee,

I’m trying to do your Prepare to Pin It in-season training program, I just bought your book but I can’t really get it with the watt measurement. I have a Sigma Rox 9.1 cycle computer that ¨calculates¨
the watt I´m generating.
The power meter you refer to in your book is the one that goes in the crank?
Should I better go by bpm´s?

Thanks a lot for your time,

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P2PI and long events

Matt is using the Prepare to Pin training program to prepare for a long event. How should he adjust the program for greater endurance?

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P2PI week 3 and this stuff works

Today we rocked #3 in a series of 7 indoor classes at the Boulder for Sports Medicine.

These classes are based on the Prepare to Pin It training program.

The results are quick and clear.

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Preparing to Pin It at BCSM

Today was #1 of 7 beat-downs, I mean scientifically designed training opportunities, at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine.

It was not easy, but it was good.

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PUTB or P2PI for a SoCal ripper?


I was looking at your fitness books: Pump up the Base and Prepare to Pin It. It appears that one should start with Pump Up the Base during the off-season. Then, move to Prepare to Pin It. What about those of us that live in Southern California? We do not have an off-season. Is it still worthwhile to use the Pump up the base program considering that I am not going to stop my regular mountain bike rides, or should I go straight to the Prepare to Pin It program?


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P2PI week 9 power testing

During the winter it was pretty easy to follow the Pump Up the Base and Prepare to Pin It training programs to the letter, and I saw some big power gains.

Now that I’m coaching most days and traveling many weeks — not to mention other work and Life — it’s getting harder to follow P2PI precisely. But I’m following its spirit: fitting in the key workouts, sticking to my weight work and resting when I can.

And the power numbers are still improving:

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Your results may vary: P2PI week 5 power testing

I just finished week 5 of the Prepare to Pin It training program, and my power improvements are shocking.

If you’re into numbers, you have to see this.

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