Pro BMXer Barry Nobles compares race vs. casual shoes

Barry Nobles is a badass.

In this video he compares start/sprint speed between his ultra-stiff carbon race shoes and softer skate-style shoes. He prefers the look and comfort of the skate shoes but doesn’t want to give up speed.

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Joy of Bike video: How to jump a mountain bike

In this episode of Joy of Bike we teach an ex pro roadie/semipro XC racer how to jump smoothly and safely. It’s a tale of trail trauma, rowing and anti-rowing. And of glory!

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Breaking through mental barriers

Our brains are so powerful in so many ways, but Life can get in there and create obstacles to joy. In this video I take on the Whale Tail … and we all have a Whale Tail in our lives.

Dial in your hip hinge

If you’re a mountain biker (or a human), the most important movement you can master is the hip hinge. Here’s my story plus some tips.

One ride on the Fantic XF1 INTEGRA 150 Trail ebike

In general, ebikes are fun. In specific, here’s a fun bike at a relatively low price.

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Three Nutrition Tips to Nail Your MTB Off-Season

By Nicole Rubenstein

Why is this off-season different than all other off-seasons? Most of us are coming off a non-race season and we are dealing with the inherent challenges of a COVID environment – changes in mental health, less access to group exercise and gyms, and different grocery shopping experiences (just to name a few). All of these challenges can affect our nutrition and therefore our readiness for next year’s bike season.

There are three important concepts to take into consideration this winter.

1) Eat the right amount of protein at the right time to make the most of your strength training.

2) Dropping a few pounds off your body’s frame is far easier than dropping it off your bike’s frame.

3) Increase your intake of immune-boosting and gut healthy foods.

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Are you afraid, or are you ready?

This has happened several times in skills classes, and I think it has something to teach us:

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