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Pinned adj The state of riding (typically a motorcycle) with the throttle wide open. Maxed out. On the ragged edge.

Becoming a pro mountain biker

What’s up Lee? I’m Scott from Lake Tahoe. I love to ride downhill and freeride, I live for it, and I am really thinking about making it what I do for a living, so I’m curious, how much do the pro’s make? take someone like Cedric Gracia or Brian Lopes, I am really interested in […]

Mark Weir goes national

In January our favorite soul-riding tough guy received a call from a major sports nutrition company, and now he’s muddying up Outside magazine.

Hanging with Mark Weir

WTB tough guy Mark Weir only leads one kind of ride: the death kind. The climbs are long, steep and plural, and the descents require just as much strength and focus. His rides are so punishing, I know only a few people who have ridden with him more than once. When I visited NorCal in […]

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