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Whistler ’05 Day 1: Just give ‘er

This afternoon we were messing around in the Boneyward slopestyle area, and I was stymied by this huge curved wall ride. The precise technique eluded me, so I asked a local how to do it. He said, “Just give ‘er.”

Shortening my shock

Hi Lee- In your latest write up (which is great BTW) you mention your 2003 Enduro has a different length shock that lowers the bb height. What length is it? Where does it put the head angle and BB height? May I ask why you did it?

That epic feeling

I’ve been so focused on learning and teaching how to ride fast that I’ve lost touch with riding for its own sake — or at least covering miles just for the sake of covering miles. Never mind line choice and exit speed — just turn the cranks and enjoy the scenery.