Which stem on Giant Trance?

Sergio is ripping a technical singletrack in Brazil called Dircuito das Pontes, and he’s wondering about his cockpit length. With video …

Hi Lee

Loved the site and the book. 😉

I bought a Giant Trance 2 2008 just two weeks a go. I have been riding hard … this track…

The track is awesome but the Trance feels a little too big although it flies down the track. I am really thinking of getting a shorter stem.
I am thinking of an allmountain raceface 90 mm 8º, or a thomson but they only have 0º and 10º on the 4x and 5º on the elite and they are a bit pricey! My stem is 120 mm !!

I need some input from you … I am 6 feet high and ride the L. I want to improve handling on fast switchbacks! Do you think a shorter stem will break the geometry of the bike and do you know well the Giant Trance 2 2008? Can I do pumptracks and DJ?

I will apreciate any info! Thanks Lee


Hey Sergio,

That trail looks like a lot of fun. I love all those tight corners.

I don’t know that bike specifically, but I’ve only heard good things about it.

– I think a 90mm stem would improve your bike’s overall handling, especially on such a technical trail.

– If you want to pump and jump, go even shorter — more toward 50mm.

– Either way, try a cheap stem (around $40) before you invest in a Thomson.

– Stems are so easy to change, you could have two cheap stems — a 50 and a 90, or maybe a 70 and your 120? — for different types of riding. But: It’s best to pick one stem and stick with it.

Don’t forget technique

Is that you in the video? If so:

– You are steering too much. Rather than turning your bars to turn your bike, focus on leaning the bike.

– Look through the turns! Your head appears to be stuck straight ahead. On a trail that tight, you need to look through the trees.

Be the trail. Rip the trail!

— Lee

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