The Fix Jr. Team: 2007 MSC Champions

This season we set out to ride our best, be good sportsmen and have fun. When you do those things, you tend to place well. Yesterday The Fix Juniors won the 2007 Junior Gravity Team series. Winning wasn’t the goal, but it’s a nice bonus!

Our team:

Madison Bailey
Roy Benge
Teddy Benge
Tim Dufficy
Ben Gager
Carolyn Grigsby
Yosei Ikeda
Zach Johnson
James Ontiveros
Martin Novak
Dylan Patterson
Evan Powell
Matt Ripley
Joey Schusler
Brendan Smith

Nice job you guys. I’m super proud of all of you: your skills, your attitudes, your unity. You are future kings.

Fix dudes, from left: Roy, Madison, Brendan, Teddy, Dylan and me (growing a beard)

2007 MSC Junior Gravity Teams

1. The Fix Juniors
2. Mojo Wheels Juniors
3. Team Orbit Racing Juniors
4. RPM Juniors
5. Team Kozos Juniors
6. Team Totally Wired Juniors

5 replies
  1. zach says:

    Congrats Lee. I am sure the monkeys are pumped to be stoked as well as your self which is well deserved. Keep in touch and lets do a little BRAAAAAPPPPPPing of our own now.

  2. leelikesbikes says:

    >> Congratulations to some great kids lucky enough to have the world’s greatest coach!

    Gee, thanks Mom!

    Yeah Zach, time for Coach to RIP!!!!!!!

  3. Glenn Medford says:

    Congrats goes out to the fix crew. The sport ss growing cant wait for next year! See ya up the the Medfords

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