Changing stock travel: Enough already!

Hey Lee,

I love reading your book and it has helped me a ton on my skills. But i
have a question.

I have an 06 Rocky Mountian Flow 1.0 which I’m looking at putting a new fork on for dj/fr/dh and i want to pack on the most travel possible … [it goes on from there] …

Thanks Brook

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Leave your bike alone. Feel free to upgrade to a better fork, but don’t mess with the stock geometry.

Putting on a much longer fork slackens the head angle and raises the bottom bracket, which can jack up your handling. Oh, and a longer fork usually voids your frame warranty.

The people who designed your bike know more than you do. Let them spec the bike. You … just ride the dang thing.

I get this question every day. No more!

— Lee

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