Mountain man status for younger Skywalker

Today 13-year-old Chase Willie (proud younger brother of national DH champ Alex Willie) joined the legion of fools that hikes and rides DH at Left Hand Canyon OHV Area.

Chase and I have done some work on the BMX and mountain bikes; today was our first day on the downhill sled.

• Solidify Chase’s foundational skills, which are already pretty darn good.
• Get him lower on the bike.
• Expand his cockpit.
• More aggressively move hands and feet with the terrain.
• Put in a huge amount of work.
• Get Mountain Man tough.
• Have fun!

We hiked …

Chase’s bike weighs about 40 pounds. He weighs 88 pounds. That’s like me pushing an 80-pound bike. This dude is a true Mountain Man.




… and we studied …

As a veteran rider on his own, with his brother Alex and with SMBA, Chase has seen a lot of trail, and he’s really good at reading it.

… then we pinned it.

This crux move terrifies many a rider who can drive and vote.

Eyes up and keep your feet moving.

We’re going fast now.


I look forward to working with Chase over the next few years. If all goes well, he’ll be a top junior while Alex is a top senior. Once they’re both seniors, it’s gonna be on!


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Know more. Have more fun!

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