Kung fu skills in Simi Valley, CA on March 22, 2015

Last weekend’s sessions at Corriganville Park in Simi Valley, CA were super fun. We rode with some cool people, and the range of terrain was perfect for learning (and shredding).

Check out these photos, and come out to the March 22 session (or take a 1-day class near you)!

Photos and videos by Coach Andy Somerville.

Learn more 1-day classes and sign up for the March 22 session >>>

Riding the Sine Wave of Love: This felt so good!

Meet and greet in the morning. The park has a lot of open, flat space — perfect for learning.

Back in the day, this concrete bowl was used to film movies like Creature from the Black Lagoon and Tarzan. The steep slopes are perfect for switchback practice. Bret works it.

Get low. Lower. Then make crazy angles. Applying the Black Lagoon skills to real, rocky switchbacks.

Tommie shreds a slalom drill. We got the entire group pumping turns like pros.

David rides this extremely steep (and intimidating) rock like it’s nothing.

Leah rocks her attack position on some rocky flow.

For riders who have the energy, skills and confidence, we can ride pretty serious DH terrain. I send my Camber a bit past its intended use (but it worked great).

Huge thanks to Gina at All Pro Bicycles for helping us arrange and promote these classes. Also thanks for the tasty lunches!

Learn more about 1-day classes and sign up for the March 22 session >>>

Know more. Have more fun!

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