An LLB full-day skills clinic is a fun, time-effective way to improve your riding. Want to ride more confidently? Ride faster? Win races? Whatever your goals, we’ll help you reach them.

What to expect

Here’s a quick video from the January 2015 sessions in Simi Valley, CA. Video by Coach Andy Somerville.

An old promo video from Valmont Bike Park. Lessons learned: 1) don’t wear a cotton shirt, 2) keep your glasses on!

No matter who you are — timid beginner, experienced expert or hardcore racer — you’ll gain a deep understanding of the powerful (and simple) dynamics of great riding. Plus you’ll have fun!

Photos and quotes from stoked riders >>>

The Lee Likes Bikes Teaching Method is simple and proven.

Learn more about the LLB Teaching Method >>>

This beautiful video from Rocky Mountain Adventure Junkies shows Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, CO, and it gives a taste of a Lee Likes Bikes skills clinic.

Fun ride with 7X XTERRA world champion (and LLB kung fu pupil) Conrad “The Caveman” Stoltz:

Your teachers

LLB coaches are the best in the business. Every LLB coach has:

Impeccable riding style. We are teaching every moment we are on a bike. Our kung fu is good (and constantly getting better).

Deep understanding of riding dynamics — and the ability to teach them.

The ability to communicate with any rider — beginner or pro, scared or stoked. We’ve worked with thousands of riders of all ages, levels and styles.

Learn more about LLB coaches >>>

Lee McCormack works on his pump fu at Valmont Bike Park in Boulder, CO.

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  1. Robert says:

    Hello Lee,

    I’m planning on attending your clinic in Boise, ID this spring. Excitement! Thanks so much for coming here.
    If attend two days in a row, would the second day build on what I learned on the first day, or would the second day be more of a repeat of the first? Do you recommend repeating your class, or should I just go ride?


  2. leelikesbikes says:


    If you can make two classes, that will be fantastic. Each class covers much of the same core content, but I always adjust for the people who attend.

    In session #2 we’ll dial you in a bit more, plus I’ll show you the next level. This will help you overcome your bad habits and truly integrate the new kung fu.

    One smart option: You can take the Friday class, let it soak in, then take the Sunday or Monday class.

    See you in April!

  3. Jared13 says:


    If you’re taking two classes, I highly suggest having a day in between to let it soak in like Lee said. I did the same when I visited Boulder on vacation last May.

    I hit two of the public clinics, but was able to work on the skills on the few days I had between them. I definitely got more out of the second one by having the “sponge” days!

  4. leelikesbikes says:


    Can you Make March 21 or 22?

    We will be back out there. Let me check with Coach Andy and see what works.

    The best way to get notified is to join the LLB mailing list. Use the form on the right side of this page.



  5. Douglas Gregory says:

    I am an average recreational rider. I can handle all the STL trails maintained by GORC but have never had any training other than pointing the front tire towards my destination and hanging on:) All of my skills come from trial and error but I want to get a better skill set to get the most bang out of my weekend rides. I grew up a mile from Farmdale in Peoria and would like to attend one of the sessions but wonder if I would be better served with the level 2 session or if I should start at level 1?

  6. leelikesbikes says:

    Hey Doug!

    Thanks for writing. I think you’ll be stoked with a Level 1 class. We’ll push as far as you can (safely).

    Farmdale is an excellent teaching/learning venue. When you understand the Sine Wave of Love, the Schrolls trail is phenomenal!


  7. Douglas Gregory says:

    Recruiting a buddy to come with me. We want to take the day off and do the Friday course, the only problem is that we are expecting a “unannounced” inspection at work and that is within the expected timeframe. If the inspectors show up on that Thursday (they stay two days) would we be able to push our attendance to Saturday without penalty?

  8. Walt says:

    Any 1 day options for Moab or Park City? Full suspension required? I ride a hard tail 29r, a Pugs Fat (snow, dirt, Slickrock), & an old school rigid Fat Chance.

    I have your book and like it a lot.

  9. JimV says:

    It’s great that Kevin’s coming back to NY! It’ll be fantastic to see him again and build on last year’s camp, which was great.

  10. Rodolfo says:

    please please – more dates in Orange County! Just relocated to the area from Europe and there are no more dates this year!


  11. Britt says:

    It currently shows Jun 6 in NC sold out. Are the other days still available? There aren’t any “sign up” links next to those dates.

  12. leelikesbikes says:

    Britt, the June NC sessions are unavailable and booked. I’ve asked the local authorities about another date. Please sign up for the LLB newsletter (on the right side of this page), and I’ll send an update.

    Rip it up,


  13. Chris says:

    The clinics in Seattle aren’t saying “sold out” but don’t have a “register” link anymore. I’m guessing this means they’re full, yeah?

  14. Cameron says:

    Are you guys planning to come back to NC in 2016? I would really like to attend at least a single day class and Boone is only a couple hours away from me.

  15. Dan Hurdle says:

    Will there be skills clinics in Illinois (or Wisconsin, or Indiana) in 2016? There is nothing listed currently for 2016. If you did Palos outside Chicago, I’d sign up in a heartbeat. That said, I’d try to attend anything reasonably drivable from Chicago… Dan

  16. Maureen says:

    Any chance you will make it out to the NW? We live in Oregon outside of Portland. There are some great trails out here!

  17. Maureen says:

    We really like Post Canyon in Hood River. Family Man is the trail head area.

    Bend is also nice in the fall. Phils trail system is right near town OR from the Wannoga snow park we could ride Funner-Tiddlywinks.

    Please email if you are serious and I can put you in touch with cool bike shops our help you find places to stay to make it easier.

  18. Miriam says:

    I am with Maureen here. It would be wonderful if you all could do some Oregon Clinics. We have so many great trail systems here, as she said.


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