LLB coaches are picked and trained for these qualities:

Impeccable riding style. We are teaching every moment we are on a bike, and our kung fu is good (and constantly getting better).

Deep understanding of riding dynamics — and the ability to teach them using the LLB Teaching Method.

The ability to communicate with any rider — beginner or pro, scared or stoked.

Meet our coaches, and schedule sessions with them:

>>> Lee McCormack – Boulder, CO and elsewhere
>>> Alex Roberton – London, England and all of Europe
>>> Tucker Samuelson – Boulder, CO and elsewhere
>>> Andy Somerville – Newport Beach, CA
>>> Kevin Stiffler – Denver, CO
>>> Kristie Van Voorst – Boulder, CO
>>> Judd Zimmerman – Salt Lake City, UT

This list is short because we have very high standards. Do you want to become an LLB coach? Email lee@leelikesbikes.com.

Andy, Lee, Kevin and Judd at the 2014 LLB coach summit in Moab, UT. What a fun day!

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