LLB coaches are picked and trained for these qualities:

Impeccable riding style. We are teaching every moment we are on a bike, and our kung fu is good (and constantly getting better).

Deep understanding of riding dynamics — and the ability to teach them using the LLB Teaching Method.

The ability to communicate with any rider — beginner or pro, scared or stoked.

Meet our coaches, and schedule sessions with them:

>>> Lee McCormack – Boulder, CO and elsewhere
>>> Alex Roberton – London, England and all of Europe
>>> Tucker Samuelson – Boulder, CO and elsewhere
>>> Andy Somerville – Newport Beach, CA
>>> Kevin Stiffler – Denver, CO
>>> Kristie Van Voorst – Boulder, CO
>>> Judd Zimmerman – Salt Lake City, UT

This list is short because we have very high standards. Do you want to become an LLB coach? Email lee@leelikesbikes.com.

Andy, Lee, Kevin and Judd at the 2014 LLB coach summit in Moab, UT. What a fun day!

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  1. Jeff M says:

    What’s going on Lee. I could have sworn I saw you had someone in Fruita. Was I wrong? Let me know if I need to make a trip to the Front Range for the classes. I’m on probably my third read of the book and am wanting to reinforce it with classes, at some point this year!


  2. leelikesbikes says:


    Thanks for writing! Fruita has no LLB coaches.

    Some options:

    Come to Boulder! You can rock a public or private class at Valmont Bike Park.


    Check out our new online school. You can learn all the key skills at your own pace. If you like, you can also get professional feedback.


    In a perfect world you’d rock the online class then come for a private lesson. You’d show up with a lot of knowledge and practice; in the private session we can focus on dialing in the details and pushing you higher up the skills tree.




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