Help: My front wheel is washing out

Hey Lee,

I think everything about cornering you have taught me just clicked. however i am still having minor troubles with the front wheel slidding a little bit. Any advice?


Zach nails his attack position during a team session at Left Hand Canyon OHV area.

Hey Zach,

I’m glad all of the skills are soaking in (I’ve been working with Zach for about four years now, and he’s gotten F-A-S-T.)

If you’re doing everything right, and your front wheel is washing out, your front end is a still a bit too light.

This issue is especially pronounced on downhill bikes, because their position puts you in the back seat, their front ends are tall, and their connection to the ground feels vague (compared with smaller, stiffer bikes).

Try shifting your body forward and putting a bit more weight on the bars.

Also try taking your inside foot off the pedal. But don’t hang it to the inside like an outrigger -— extend it forward by your front tire. This helps shift your weight forward moto style.

It’s usually best to keep your feet up, but this is a good way to make your front end stick in a low-traction situation. My weight is shifted forward onto the bars, and my foot is up near my front wheel. This was a fun team training session.

Warning: Make sure your hands stay loose, and your bars are free to turn as they like.
This move requires an expert blend of strength and suppleness.

Rip it up!

— Lee

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