More DH Training at Left Hand Canyon

Yesterday, for session No. 4 in Terminal Velocity Racing’s pre-season program, we hiked and rode, hiked and rode.

Hiking makes you strong like bull.

Place: Left Hand Canyon OHV Area, near Boulder, CO — the only place in the area where DH training is legal and ethical. Big bikes and full face helmets in Boulder open space parks — not cool.

Terrain: Very steep, very rocky.

Weather: Sunny and about 50 degrees. Perfect.

Duration: Three hours.

Hiking: Not as long as last week, but much steeper. All of our calves were screaming, and some sections were so steep we were basically pressing our DH bikes above our heads. This is the original total-body workout.

New trail: The newly re-opened Trail 844 drops to the dirt road near the park entrance. The top is very steep, loose and exposed. The middle gets rooty and turny. The last three turns — such sweet flow!

Focus: For everyone, it was about trying to pick good lines, but riding whichever line you bounced onto. For some, it was getting low. For others, it was rolling back on your pedals, so your weight drives into your BB rather than your handlebars. That’s key, especially when the trail is this steep.

Photos by Matt Ripley and me.

Zach is on fire. Check out that attack position.

Matt lines up for a bold line. At this angle, the sun flattens the rocks — it’s way gnarlier in person!

Luke and his dad used to ride moto, and it shows. This is the penultimate (second to last) turn. So sweet.

Last week, Yosei’s Socom was all balled up in the mud. This week, it’s railing in the dust.

Brendan pushes into the bank for a little extra braaap.

After spending the winter on a BMX cruiser, I’m giddy with traction — and possibilities!

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