Dig, ride, dig

At yesterday’s D-R-D session at Darners’s, we enjoyed nice-but-windy weather and some excellent riding.

Everyone swept and/or shoveled all three race course, and we got to session the dual slalom course. The rest of the 20-strong gang might have ridden some more in the evening, but we had to get back to Boulder.

Photos by Evan Powell, Ian Martin and me.

This sums it up: Two people rail while everyone else hikes or watches.

Weaving through the gates. As sweet as the berms are, this might be my favorite section.

That famous background. Evan gives some.

Yeah, Evan pulled this off. As the kids today say: “Sick!”

Lee Likes Colorado. Lee Likes Keith Darner.

I had a couple fun races against T-Coop. Silly: I lost a lot of time by jumping so high.

Me vs. Zach Hughes. T-Coop and Hughes will both be racing Vet Pro this season. It’s going to be a fun class.

Enter wide and high, pump the first half, then get out of there.

Ian has been riding for, like, two weeks, and he rode the course smoothly. That famous view.

Ian threads the needle. Watch out for this guy.

Doc Branney rocks it.

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  1. scott says:

    Thanks to you and everyone else who came down. Appreciate all the hard work. Courses are looking great! Extra Crispy is coming together and both the DS and Original are pretty well buffed . Knocking down gates and DS runs was a blast!

  2. rosie martin says:

    Hi All- Great photos of dramatic turns and moves at some breath-taking locations! Thanks for sharing it. Want to see Ian’s Turkey photos too. Warm regards!
    Grand Ma Rosie

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