BRAIN upgrade for Stumpy?

Lee, in the 300+ hours I’ve been crafting a pump track this summer i’ve been doing a thought experiment on the “Swiss Army Knife” bike i want to buy in the spring.

I’m pretty much concrete on a Stumpy 29er but limited funds will probably = entry spec bike.

During the summer I tested an Epic and the Brain made me very, VERY happy (and shockingly fast). My question is at a later date when i’ve saved my “upgrade” pennies can one add a Brain to a lesser model Stumpy?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hey Alastair,

The Stumpy 29 sure is a sweet ride. My Stumpy 29 S-EVO is super freaking rad.

Oh yes, the BRAIN technology is sweet. It gives you a bike that’s stiff for pedaling and pumping yet plush in the bumps. Check out Brains for braaap.

If you buy a “lower-end” 2012 Stumpy 29, you can indeed upgrade it to a BRAIN shock. You’ll need the shock and the seat stay.

My instincts say this might cost about $700. (Do not quote me on that.) My instincts also say this is not a great idea. Get whichever Stumpy you can afford then wring it out. Don’t mess with changing shocks.

Any stock Stumpy 29 is going to rip.

My Stumpy has a stock 2012 FOX FLOAT RP23 Adaptive Logic Boost Valve shock and a special FOX 34 FLOAT 29 140 FIT RLC fork with 2013 air spring. The suspension on this bike rips the pump track and rallies rock gardens.

Have I mentioned my bike is rad?


Know more. Have more fun!

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  1. Alastair says:

    Your article on yer S-EVO is what turned me on to the Stumpy geometry in the 1st place. I had chatted to the LBS and we came to the estimation of circa $700 so expected that. My theory was basic Stumpy + BRAIN = cheaper than top-end Stumpy already equipped with one????

    I have chatted to a myriad of Spesh riders saying the stock shock will do just fine. Only I came from a background of hard tails and Scott TwinLoc systems so have bred into my riding that love of the BRAIN lock-out.

    Thanks for your advice as always. You’re a gentleman and a scholar.

  2. Alastair says:

    due to dry summer, no water source and lack of machinery 300+ hour pump track is nowhere near as impressive as it sounds i’m afraid. When it’s up and running i’ll send Lee a vid to post up on the site though.

    Good thinkin’ Slim. Cheers for the suggestion.

  3. Bob says:

    Alastair, I own an Epic 29 and a Stumpy 29, both with Brains. I rode an Enduro for a month with Propedal shock. I sprung for the extra bucks for the Brain Stumpy but, IMHO, it’s not that much better than the feel of the Propedal. Not $700 worth. Especially since you can get your shock custom valved by Push, which is definitely worth the money. Brain shocks cannot. The Epic has a much firmer Brain, the Trail Tune on the Stumpy is much more subtle. I ride mine XC on full firm with 10 extra psi from the Autosag psi. I think you’re good to go with your shock.


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