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I’ve been riding Mountain bikes for about 30 years. I rode the second Rock Hopper in Anedale park. 100% self taught and I’m quick on the trails and old school downhill aka super d. (recently took 2nd at the Otter). I took your technique teaching class in Berkeley. That class completely changed my riding style, and opened my eyes to a whole new realm of possibilities.

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I’ve been working on my positioning and the turning technique, I’ve gone to flat pedals, and recently installed a gravity dropper. O MAN what a difference! The better attack position, and proper turning technique are just amazing. I am blown away by the cornering. I’m now carving turns. I just love to turn! When going down a smooth fire road, I find myself turning like I’m skiing. Just turning on a straight road for the pure pleasure of it. Riding flats has revealed several bad habits I developed over years of only riding clipped in. I’m working on them one at a time. And the adjustable seat height. OMG, even just the 2″ drop makes a huge difference. I can throw the bike into corners, suck up hits, sail off drops, and float over roots more smoothly and with less effort. This adds up to greater control, more speed, and more FUN! O’ man what fun.

Of course I’m teaching all this to my students and we’re having a blast.

Call me if you ever want a local’s tour of Marin trails. Well I suppose you could also get a tour from one of the local pros, but it they are out of town, call.

Thank you for partnering with and supporting NICA!

Warm Regards,

John Vipiana
Directeur Sportif
Marin Catholic Mountain Bike Team

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Right on John!

Thanks for the kind note. I’m stoked you got a lot out of the class — and I’m extra stoked that you’re sharing the kung fu with your students. That was the mission.

Yeah man, riding is so fun. And the better you get, the more fun it is.


— Lee

PS: I’m giving that presentation again Jan. 30 in Marin, for the NorCal league.

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