Jared Graves interview

This vid from Yeti Cycles and John Reynolds gives some insight into Graves’ motivations. Good stuff — and a mini lesson on sports psychology. Go Jared!

In my interview for bmxnews.com, Mike Carruth asked me how we can keep young riders in racing longer. The average lifespan of a BMX racer is just a few years. Kids come in, have some fun, lose interest then play Xbox.

I think the key to longevity in our sport (or any activity) is constant improvement. When you’re working toward mastery of your bike (and yourself), you’re always having fun. Judging from Jared’s comments, he would agree.

Go Jared!

Credit: Yeti / John Reynolds

BTW: Watch him work that hardtail like a world class downhiller and BMXer!

Know more. Have more fun!

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