Will Pump Up the Base help my burning thighs?

Hi Lee,

DH season has started here in Japan. I know it is already early summer but I want to increase physical strength. If I want to do it, do I read and follow Pump up the base?

I go to like1500m DH course but I need to take a break once or twice in between because I feel so tired in my thighs and I can’t continue riding. By increasing my strength I want to ride through to the bottom of the course without any break. Does Pump up the base provide how to increase strength for my situation? Any advise will be appreciated!!

Hiro Komori


Thanks for writing:

Yes, the Pump Up the Base on-bike training program will help you build the aerobic fitness to ride faster and longer. It will also teach you how to pedal more efficiently and sprint more powerfully.

Another issue is probably mobility and strength, specifically in the attack position. The new F6: Six moves to build your foundation off-bike training program will help a lot with this.

The other likely issue is riding position. Most riders stand too tall and put too much stress on their thighs. Ideally, you’ll hinge your hips back and use your glutes to support most of your weight. See “My quads hurt” — use your hips.

The books Mastering Mountain Bike Skills and Teaching Mountain Bike Skills have lots of detail about riding position.

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