Which Specialized DH bike for a grom?

The Fix team in Boulder, CO, is going to ride Specialized in 2007 (which is rad), but it has parents and kids wondering: Which downhill bike do you ride when your inseam is only 26.5 inches? The answer sure surprised me.

I assumed a real DH bike like the Demos would be too big, so I’ve been pointing the guys toward BigHits and SX Trails. Small riders don’t need tons of travel, and it seems like they’d be better on lighter, more agile bikes.

But clearance in the limiting factor. When your legs are only 26.5 inches long, you need a really low seat and as much standover as you can get.

Tonight I found myself guessing — and I hate that — so I had to think it through.

Surprise: The Demo 7 has the most clearance, followed by the Demo 8, the SX Trail and finally the BigHit.

Bottom line: If you have a little DH monkey, the Demo 7 could be the ticket. The weight is low, the geometry is very DH-like, and 7 inches of travel is plenty. If he insists on a full-size DH rig, it looks like the Demo 8 is a good choice.

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