The ideal pump track bike

Someone asks this question every five minutes. As with all things, the answer depends on your style:

Optimized style

Any modern DJ hardtail with a short travel, stiff fork. Lighter is better. Shorter stays are better. Place the controls to suit your fancy, then rip it.
– Specialized
– Santa Cruz Jackal
– Giant STP
– etc.

Racer style

Pump whatever you race. If you race 4X/DS on a hardtail, pump that. If you race 4X/DS on a suspension bike, pump on that. Stiffen your suspension and slow down your timing.
– Specialized SX
– Santa Cruz Blur 4X
– Intense Tazer
– etc.

Ride what you got style

All bikes are fun and pumpable. The more suspension you have, the harder you work for the same pump. Make sure you can move around your cockpit. That means a short stem and a low seat.
– Specialized Enduro
– Bontrager Race Lite
– Trek Fuel
– or whatever …

Old school style

If you want a sweet dedicated pump bike for cheap, get a used 20″ BMX bike or a 24″ cruiser. They’re super fun, and they teach you perfect timing. If your timing isn’t perfect, the bike will tell you in a very clear way. I got to pump a 24″ cruiser a couple days ago, and it was crazy-fast — one clean backside, and it’s ON!

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