Geometry for pump track bike?

Thanks to your e-book digging has commenced (who really needed a garden anyway). I have a lot of tight radius turns and was curious if going with a shorter wheel based (42″ish) bike would help? Does a slack head angle say 67-68 ride a lot different than say a 69-70deg. I guess looking for the ultimate Geometry #s for a pump track machine. Thanks!

Hi Marshall.

Gardens are for the weak willed and the panty waisted!

Shorter is good. My P.3 is just over 41″. I really dig short stays (mine are only 15.8″) — that makes manuals easier.

Two degrees makes a huge difference in head angle. I’d say 69 is ideal. People rip 20″s at 73-74 degrees, but I like a bit of slackness; it seems to hold lines with more stability — and it feels more like my trail and slalom bikes.

Any modern DJ/4X bike will work great.

Rip it,

— Lee

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