Which clip-in pedals and shoes?

Hey Lee,
I ride and race DH and 4X with flats and it suits me well, but I’ve been hearing about all the benefits of clips and I would really like to try them out this fall and winter.

But this is where I need your help: since I only ride flats I know nothing about clips as far as which ones work well for gravity since I have noticed that there are many different styles. And also which shoes work well? I am 6’4” and my feet are fairly large. I ride with Five.Ten shoes size 13 and my tennis shoes are 14. So I might have a hard time finding clip shoes in my size. But any advice helps.

Thanks, Max

Hi Max.

All of the pedals — Shimano, Time, Crank Bros — are good. I use Shimano
’cause I have like 10 pairs from back in the day; if I were to start fresh
I’d probably run Times. I understand they are awesome, and better than Shimano in sticky mud.

Shoes. I guess size is the first consideration. If you buy only one pair, get a
pair of XC shoes. That way you can ride them on the road, on trails and for
DH. I really like the Specialized BG shoes. Find some that fit and rock it!

Hope that helps,

— Lee

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