Junior Pump Track Worlds

On Tuesday the Kona Super Groms came from Carbondale for a long day of clinics, BBQ and an epic Kona/The Fix junior pump sesh.

The Kona dudes and I worked on cornering and pump in my neighborhood, then we rode The Fix for a couple hours. The dudes were going off! We met The Fix monkeys at my house and pumped until dinner was ready, then we pumped some more. Of course we did timed runs: Three laps each direction.

Fastest: Wolverine, aka Evan

Most consistent: Dustin, Dylan

Most improved: Neil, Mike

Coolest: Everybody!

Photos by Brian Bailey and Dylan Patterson.

In front of my house, we weigh the merits of early- and late-apex lines.

Slalom style.


More madness!

Zach, The Fix

Tyler, Kona, with some mongrels on his tail.

Teddy the Kona Ripper!

Tanner means business, Kona style

Madison, son of Brian Bailey, who runs the Kona team like a real champ.

Teddy the Kona Ripper!

Roy, Kona Super Grom Deluxe.

Yes, that’s a sumo wrestler squeaky toy on his bar.

Dylan, The Fix

Dustin races Jr. Ex for Kona


Evan “Wolverine” Powell with the excellent form and perfect head turn. That guy must have a great coach!

Of course we did timed runs. Ron mans the timer.

What a long day. By this time I was worked.

I did, however, man up and take a couple runs. I was less than a second faster than Wolverine. That won’t last much longer!

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  1. patrik says:

    dude lee you rock!!!!! looks liek so much fun….i finally get a medium prophet built up so i can have something to play on on stuff like that and i go and break myself this week……but looks awesome dude. nice work with the kids….keep it up we need to keep rippers out there!!!!!

  2. scott says:

    Very cool Lee! Those kids rock! It’s been amazing to see how far Tanner and Roy have come this year, and Mad Dawg and Teddy are just getting scary fast. Keep up the good work coach! scott

  3. Rip Ripley says:

    Kids, dogs, bikes, burgers and hotdogs. Pure americana. Thanks for hosting the kids. I’m betting there is a future wolrd champion in that group…maybe several.

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