Try Enduro MTB Training before the price goes up

I’ve enjoyed a strong and relatively pain free season thanks to Dee Tidwell at Enduro MTB Training. Download his program before the price goes up.

This season I’ve been diligent with Dee’s program. Highlights:

• Not one lower-back blowout since I met Dee.

• Getting more miles out of my bad shoulders.

• Living with way less pain than this time last year.

• Riding better and stronger than ever. I recently found another 30% in my max sprint power, and the only real change is my improved core strength.

In a few weeks Dee will raise the price of his downloadable Ultimate Enduro Training Program from $97 to at least $147.

The six-month program comes with a money back guarantee. Why not try it out?

Get the Ultimate Enduro Training Program >>>

Dee at his gym in Greenwood Village, CO with my custom program. He tested my weaknesses then helped me address them.

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Know more. Have more fun!

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