BMX skills clinic in Rotterdam, NY Oct. 21

Join Coach Kevin Stiffler, a former New Yorker and champion BMX racer, for two hours of essential BMX skills.

This is the best $75 you’ll ever spend on your riding!

Your teacher

Kevin Stiffler is a certified Lee Likes Bikes skills coach who grew up in upstate New York. Kevin is an experienced rider and racer on both BMX and mountain bikes. Working for LLB, Woodward and others, Kevin has taught handling skills to kids and adults of all levels. A natural teacher, Kevin has an A.S. in Mechanical Engineering, a B.S. in Applied Technology Education and a Masters in Online Education; he is currently pursuing his PhD. in Curriculum Development. And he’s teaching people how to shred!

Learn more about Kevin, and see comments from stoked clients >>>


Tri City BMX track, Rotterdam, NY

The plan

5 to 7 p.m.

Kevin will teach you the most important skills for BMX racing and riding:

• Position
• Cornering
• Pumping
• Starts and sprints

Once the core skills are covered, he’ll help you find free speed on the track.

Kevin teaches the methods used in the bible of BMX technique: Pro BMX Skills.

Danny C pumps perfectly in the book Pro BMX Skills.


$75 per rider. Maximum six riders. Minimum four riders. See policies below.

Sign up

Use this Paypal link to pay with Paypal balance, credit card or bank account. You do not need a Paypal account. See Policies below.

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If you want to pay over the phone with a credit card, email

Boom! A perfect snap from the book Pro BMX Skills.


Time: The clock starts at the appointed time. Be ready to ride.

Equipment: Your bike should be well adjusted and in good working order. If we believe your bike is not safe, we will spend clinic time making it safe. If we need to adjust anything — brakes, gears, suspension — we will use clinic time.

Changes and cancellations: If you want to change your appointment, you must notify me by phone or email within 24 hours. After that time, there will be no change or refund.

Weather: Bad weather does not cancel sessions. If the conditions permit any kind of riding, we will ride. If it’s raining, bring a jacket. If it’s muddy, we’ll find another surface to ride on. If the lift closes because of lightning, we will push our bikes or practice in the parking lot. If we do cancel because of weather, it will be at Lee’s discretion, and he will notify you as early as possible.

Liability: Bike riding has inherent risks, and you must accept those risks. You will sign a waiver before you ride.

If you are a mountain bike skills coach or instructor, and you work on your own or with another party, please do not sign up for an LLB clinic. See below:

Use of information: The Lee Likes Bikes Training Method is the mountain biking instructional method developed by Lee Likes Bikes (LLB) for sole use by Lee Likes Bikes and authorized individuals. It is the intellectual property of LLB. The LLB Training Method information conveyed to the participant shall be used only for the participant’s personal use. It is not to be used outside LLB-authorized activities for which LLB and the participant have a business relationship, nor is it to be shared with others — including riders, trainers or instructors — outside LLB authorized activities. Any appearance or representations made by the participant of this information in any form shall be credited to LLB. LLB does not train other bike coaches unless they are working in LLB-authorized activities. If you are interested in becoming an LLB-certified instructor, please contact Lee McCormack at

Number of riders: While we believe in high instructor-to-student ratios, we reserve the right to allow additional riders. These might be media, sponsors, family members of attendees or people with special needs. We will make sure everyone is taken care of.

Level 2: If the Level 2 class doesn’t fill up, I will open it to Level 1 riders. Don’t worry: Everyone will be challenged appropriately.

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