The next week: Pinned!

I’m loading up for a week of adventure in California. We’re talking BMX research, mountain bike clinics and some quality riding.

Classes are almost full, so don’t delay!

Thursday – Drive west from Boulder. It’s raining here. Maybe snag a quick ride in Fruita? Stop somewhere shy of Vegas.

Friday – Drive to Chula Vista, near San Diego. Feats of Strength at every gas stop. That keeps the blood flowing.

Saturday – Spend the day at the Olympic Training Center. Meet with Greg Romero, Mike Day and whoever else is around. Do interviews and photos for the BMX book.

Sunday – Same as Saturday. I hope I can get some laps on that monstrous track. No, I will not be hitting that double!

Monday – SOLD OUT – Clinics at Southridge Park in Fontana. A private at 10 a.m., then a private at 2 p.m., then a group session at 5 p.m. The group session was bought by the InCycle race team. Stoked! Pinned!

Tuesday – SPOTS OPEN – Teaching at Aliso/Woods canyon in Aliso Viejo. I have a group session at 5 p.m. at the Canyon View Park entrance. There are a couple open spots. $200 gets you in there. Paypal the dough to or give me a heads-up and bring cash. Email access will be spotty, but I will check voice mail: 303-442-1242.

Wednesday – SOLD OUT – Group clinic in Palo Alto, up in NorCal. The Mere Mortals bought the whole session. I worked with them a couple years ago; this will be fun.

Thursday – Private session in Palo Alto, then start driving east. Get a ride along the way.

Friday – Finish driving to Boulder. Whew!

Saturday – Public Core Skills Clinic at The Fix. Spots are open. $100 gets you in there. More info and sign up. You can do Paypal or bring cash; just let me know.


If the site gets stale, that means I’m out there pinning it.

— Lee

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