A great week of clinics

Last week I taught 16 riders of all levels, both genders and every style. The private and public clinics have been super fun, and everyone has been stoked.

Ed and his crew, all gung-ho MTBers and skiers, were a blast.

Jeff and Melissa rip some turns two Saturdays ago in public clinic action.

Victoria is a new road rider. She’s learning to use her cockpit on my vintage GT cruiser.

Becki learns to rail.

After a short adjustment period, Joel was RIPPING!

Andy learned very quickly: Eyes forward, body straight, bike weaving from side to side.

Danielle, a new XC rider, was super smooth.

Next public Core Skills clinic: Saturday, June 14 at The Fix bike shop in Boulder. You’ll learn the essentials of position, braking, cornering and pump. Cost is just $100. To register, Paypal $100 to lee@leelikesbikes.com. Click here for more info.

Rider better now: Skills clinics with Lee

Recent testimonials:

Hey Lee,
Just wanted to drop an email saying thanks for doing the bike clinic. I was up in Ned today, and noticed a marked improvement in the bike’s handling when I managed to keep my weight over the BB. Had some trouble doing that on the steeps (both ascents and descents), but hey, gives me something to work on. I also managed to carve two of the turns. Granted it was only two, but it was two more than I would have done before your clinic. Definitely a much smoother feeling when compared to what I was doing before. So thanks for the tips!

Thanks again for the great clinic. I learned a ton and am anxious to get out and improve my pump fu.

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  1. Seb says:


    You’re obviously a busy and hard working man. I think you need a holiday. Why not take one in the UK? We have great riding in all areas of the country. Cost? Well, run a few skills clinics along the way and hey presto, free holiday. Bring the wife and kids too! And then you’ll get a lot of love from the UK side. I bought your book (which is great), but I really need some coaching to help me join the dots before unleashing my awesome skills on the NPS 4X (Novice class!)

    Oh, and with the current exchange rate the moneys you make here will go a LONG way back home!

    No? Oh all right then. Back to reading the book 🙂

  2. o says:

    Next time I’d better fill that plastic bottle with cytomax, otherwise I’d have been dehydrated just by drooling over the descriptions and photos of happy bikers!

    Looks like really awesome clinic! And really awesome turns, with bike and body leans, looks and everything.

    Lee, whenever you are coming to Norcal and giving a clinic here, I would like to be the first in line, please? My jumping skills realy need dialing, and I believe that I can turn at least twice as fast…

    Off Topic: Lee, may I suggest you adding that favicon.ico thingy with a custom icon to your site?
    With tabbed browsers, your site gets a little bit lost between the million Web-Me2.0 sites…
    A custom icon (like one described here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Favicon) will make your site stand out, like it should.

  3. Chay says:

    In terms of holiday destination…Sydney / Central coast should be high on your list – just think of Sunshine/beach/rain forest near the coast……Gooood riding in that area. You are in high demand here, definitely enough to pay for your holiday.

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