The pinned report: Day 7

This week has been just as pinned as promised, and roughly twice as cool. I’m sitting at a truck stop on the Grapevine, about to go to bed, but I must report:

The drive to California: Sucked. It was hot, bright and, at $5 a gallon, expensive.

The weekend at the Olympic Training Center: Amazing. It’s like a summer camp for elite athletes; it was surreal to eat lunch and hang with Olympians. Everyone was cool. The BMXers were awesome, and I got tons of photos and learned a lot from Coach Greg Romero and the Mighty Chris Powell. The BMX book is gonna kick ass. And: I got to ride the Bejing track. It’s HUUUUUUUUUGE!!! As Powell said, photos don’t do it justice.

Monday clinics at Southridge Park: Hot. It hit 100 but I had two fun sessions, one private and one with the InCycle downhill team. We did drills in the parking lot then sessioned last week’s DH course. Dude, we were PINNING IT! So fun.

Today’s clinics at Aliso/Woods: Rocked. I had a private first off, all on pavement, then I did a small group sesh. We did drills on pavement then sessioned the Rockit trail. I was wringing my Stumpy OUT and, IMO, demonstrating some sweet technique. So fun!!!!

Tomorrow: Will be sweet. I drive to San Jose, pick up my man Lars from Trail Head Cyclery, ride the new Calabasas jumps with him, then teach the Mere Mortals group up in Palo Alto.

Thursday: Pick up The Wife from Oakland Airport (she’s coming for the drive back — how cool), then head back to Boulder.

Saturday: Public Core Skills clinic at The Fix.


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